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Happy International Wheelchair Day folks, to celebrate this day we decided to look at not only the inspirational but the slightly more humorous or maybe that should be comical side of wheelchair use… We have a few stories that are a little gigglesome  and a few that are moving stories from Through the roof’s project, Wheels for the World, so I like to state here and now that no disabled person was harmed during some of the events that follow…


Wheels for the World – Kenya, November 2012 – Joseph is disabled through polio and works as a shoeshine man, sitting on the ground. With his new wheelchair Joseph is able to take his baby daughter out for a walk – the team even found a strap to put around her to keep her safe when she’s sat on his knee.


A disabled lady was being wheeled by a nurse into the garden at a hospital that shall remain nameless when the nurse inadvertently tipped the lady into the rose bed, the nurse hurriedly tried to help the lady out of the flowerbed just to end up there herself. Both flailing about in fits of giggles as they had been attempting a stealthy exit of the hospital into the garden to let the lady have a cigarette… AVC …  the moral of the story always look where you’re going. 🙂


Wheels for the World – Ghana, November 2011 – Mary had been cured of leprosy but it had left her with damaged hands and feet and extremely swollen legs – She had not left her bed for 2 years. The Wheels volunteer therapists, with the help of a volunteer technician, adjusted a wide chair with elevating leg rest enabling Mary to leave her room for the first time in two years, to enjoy the sunshine on her veranda.


Another lady told me when ever she was in her wheelchair in town and it was busy her partner would speed up and start singing the mission impossible theme tune… dun dun duna, dun dun duna, dun dun duna, dobedo, dobedo … lol I can just see them now weaving in and out of the crowds… DS


Wheels for the World – Uganda, April 2011 – Henry works with disabled children in the community and is a role model to them as he is disabled himself. The Wheels for the World team fitted him with a suitable wheelchair — one with removable armrests to make it easier for him to sweep the floor!


Getting stuck in metro centre Gateshead on a shop mobility scooter which had a dodgy battery.  AF


This story’s about the chap whose carer would wait till they where coming down hill and would let go of the handles and run along side the wheelchair racing it to the bottom…  I will reassure you that the carer always managed to grab the wheelchair and they would both slow it down in time… when I asked why they did it they said you should see the look on peoples faces… priceless… JW

OK that was a little cruel but your get your kicks where you can eh?


Another one from a lady.  I have had some funny situations with my wheelchair one was when I went up a kerb my electric chair got stuck and I was balancing on the edge of the kerb I couldn’t go forwards or backwards.

Then another time I was in a clothes store the handle at the back of the chair got caught in some clothes on a stand I ended up dragging the stand over with all the clothes on top of me.

The most recent one was when I was when I was being helped to take my coat of in my wheelchair and I forgot to turn the power off as my coat came off it caught the handle you drive with and my chair started moving forcing me into the table I was sitting at sending the table flying.  APH


There was the time I was drunk and had to wheel myself up a hill. Or there was the time I was drunk and my friends decided to wheel me round the estate at one in the morning! ‘sh…people are sleeping!’ Maybe you had to be there! Or there was the time when my friends decided to try and get me to do wheelies! It’s not all bad. It can be quite good fun sometimes. HS


And finally I have a story that warns of the dangers using portable ramps…

“I managed to run myself over with my electric wheelchair when I was walking down some portable ramps. I was walking backwards holding onto the armrests and working the control. I forgot to turn down the speed and ran myself over…

I had to get my son to rescue me by putting it into reverse. Asking a blond 3yr old boy to turn down the speed and make it go BACKWARDS was a very difficult and risky business, but when you have a heavy wheelchair on your legs you just have to take your chances.  Needless to say as I’m writing this you will know that he did manage to get it going in the right direction!!” CR


So anyway folks Happy International Wheelchair day may we celebrate the good, useful, the potential dangers, the independence they give us and comical aspects of wheelchair use and as for me the best advice I ever had, was from a toddler who said  ‘Bla Bla Bla’ he was referring to the two adults talking to each other over our heads… he was right it really does sound like Bla Bla Bla… 🙂

Here’s a link to the Disability News Services article on International Wheelchair Day


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