Things I wish someone had told me about Social Care…

Where do you start looking?

Where do you start looking?

Everyone needs a few pointers, especially when the world of Social Care is new to you. Where do you start looking & what does the terminology mean?

This is our first project:  Tips on navigating the Adult Social Care Maze

With your help and expertise we want to write:

  •  Top Tips list
  • Social Care Beginners guide
  • How – to guide for getting best out of services
  • What to do if you hit a brick wall

Are there things you wish you’d known at the beginning that could have made the experience less stressful and more fruitful

Can you help us create a guide that’s informed by experience & isn’t easily available in official guides, but would make the whole process simpler or more rewarding?


Please think about whether you have experience of applying for social care, tell us about the things you discovered while going through the process. What would have made a difference had you known about them from day one?

This could be anything from finding out where your local services are, or how to apply, through to support for Carers or how to change your package once it’s set up…

Nothing is insignificant you’d be surprised how small things might help ease someone else’s experience.

Ways you can get involved:

Send us a message using the comments form below.
Emails us at
Tweet us at @DMattersUK
Post a comment under this blog
Post on our Facebook page Disability Matters UK

Please share this blog and our Facebook page, then more people will see us and they might be the one that has that one useful tip that helps us all.

Come and join in lets see if together we can make our collective experience make the system work for us…


2 thoughts on “Things I wish someone had told me about Social Care…

  1. Hi

    Don’t know if my last reply got through I didn’t get a receipt so to speak, I would like to help, ravenswyrd from We are Spartacus. I have some friends I can get experiences from, my sister is a carer for a company, caring for people in their own homes, my friend works for a GP practice and I used to be a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives working for the local authority till I was retired via ill health occupational health doctors, so I’ve had my fair share of fights, used copious services etc, I am at home most of the time, up at all daft hours, suffering from FMS and other things. I might have something to offer in terms of experiences I can draw from, is that what your after?. I still help disabled friends and family to avoid pitfalls of the benefits maze, researching things for info to pass some f my time, i would then be classed as being fit for work lol, 🙂 I wish I was, it’s isolating being at home, so any distraction from pain is welcome.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Patricia, I’ve edited your comment to remove your details… Im just working on our first news letter which we are hoping to send out to those interested in contributing something i hope it’s ok to include you… we will be in touch shortly… Dxxx

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