One Woman Goes To Conference

One Woman Goes To Conference Large Plain Print

My Pre Conference to do list…

Minus 3 days and counting…


Tights I so need to buy tights, I’m thinking ones with stars on but that might be a bit out there for the conference, but considering I will be in an electric power chair, with killer heels I’m likely to stand out anyway so tights with stars on it is.

Off to London to record a podcast about disability & food poverty

Read a few more policy documents, I say read I will dutifully print them out and skim read them and hope some of it goes in my head.

Look at pile of clothes I was so going to iron – wish my PA were not on holiday this week and sweet talk my long suffering husband into doing it for me…

Oh and don’t forget to pick up prescription for meds or it wont be pretty


If I did forget to pick up meds, don’t forget today or it really won’t be pretty

Print off lots of postcards; social care origami fortune teller things, and snakes and ladders game

Rehearse in my head the stats and killer questions:

There are 5.2 Million working age disabled people in the UK

46% are in work

1 in 4 people will suffer mental ill health in their lifetime

50% of the population by the time they are 65 would be classed as disabled*

*thanks to my fellow campaigner Emma for that gem of a stat

Oh and why do most care homes only ever have single beds in them?



Hope to god I didn’t forget to pick up my prescription

Charge Maude the wheelchair

Pack charger or there will be no conference

Pack stuff hope it’s ironed, if not if will stick out even more and can explain to people its hard being disabled – but at least I’m dressed

Try and make the bag containing meds, heat pack, neck pillow, blanket, freeze gel, deep heat, pain killer gel, ear plugs, cushion and all the other paraphernalia isn’t bigger than my clothes and shoes bag… no chance but one can hope…

Dam forgot the bath mat, and it might be one step too far to take the bath board

I can’t wait to see what the, can’t take bigger than a handbag rules are when I get there, does a wheelchair bag count… I do hope so

Pack the netbook, policy stuff, stats promo stuff, tag, fringe book and all manner of conference things…

Clothes for packing

Clothes for packing

Then think about getting to Manchester and hope this time I don’t

A. End up resembling a luggage area like the Sheffield Trip

B. End up getting left on the train like the London trip

And they say we live in an accessible world – If I can get one thing across to anyone I talk to it’s. How easy do you think going away for a weekend is?

I hoped to get this up sooner… such is  a spoonie life.

Here’s a link to my blog post of what I’m up to at conference…

Resources Im taking that you can print out and use yourself are here:

Did You Know That Fortune teller template

Did You Know That
Fortune teller templateIt Could Be You! Fortune Teller Template

It Could Be You! Fortune Teller Template
Game of life board game template

Game of life board game template

I also had some lovely graphics donated that I hope to give out during meetings that show some of the difficulties they are called Disability Dilemmas…

Disability Dilemmas template 1

Disability Dilemmas template 1

Disability Dilemmas Template 2

Disability Dilemmas Template 2

Disability Dilemmas template 3

Disability Dilemmas template 3

Social Care Links:

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