New Approach response to DWP select committee’s report on WCA enquiry

Sorry ive been away so long but heres an interesting responce to the recent ESA and WCA report from the Select committee which can be found at… … Dxxx

New Approach

Nick Dilworth:

Whilst the DWP select committee’s report in to the Work Capability Assessment is welcomed in so far as it touches upon many of its inherent failures, we do not feel that at this point in time that enough has been done to address the very serious concerns of thousands of claimants who continue to live in fear of this harrowing form of assessment.

We welcome the way the committee has got to grips with their factual understanding of the process and their investigative approach in to the DWP’s production of statistics surrounding the assessment process. In many respects the report provides the evidence upon which it has now become all too clear that the earlier assessment results were premature, yet these were readily promoted with considerable vigour by the media in a disturbing attempt to vilify thousands of claimants as fakers, scroungers and fraudsters.

The damage cause…

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